Donors Thanks

"Genius is only childhood found at will" - Charles Baudelaire

Donors are welcome. Their donation, no matter how important, can benefit from the tax credit granted to the Action Funds. We will send a tax receipt upon receipt of the donation.

The list of donors will remain confidential or will be communicated on the site, according to the will expressed by our sympathizing and generous friends. Each donation will:

  • Contribute to grant a scholarship
  • Help to record a CD
  • Allow concerts to be organized.

In addition, a group of sympathizers is forming little by little. His practical support is considered a help and a gift in itself particularly valuable. We are listening to any proposal from people who would feel concerned by this double educational and musical project.

All this in order to highlight the French piano repertoire. Of course, concert tickets and CDs will be sent to the participants of these actions. We are listening and any explanation can get his answer by writing to
Already, we assure you all the gratitude of our team.

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