Mission - Values


"The Galaxie-Y endowment fund aims to encourage the accompaniment of the young pianist-artist, to help him in his development and in the blooming of his artistic qualities.

It is about discovering the world according to Kurtag, to give to the little ones what Kurtag calls "basic elements", these big round "clusters", these glissandi and these zigzags which are a little the colors of the palette of the great painter. .. One can do "many things" with these colors, these silences, and one day, once older, more skillful, to handle these colors. This is the real secret of the composer who can come to the surface as if the great painter took the hand and directed the thought of the young pianists.

Galaxie-Y aims to sponsor young pianists (from 11 to 15 years old) following the magnificent example of the Yvonne LEFEBURE Foundation.

The Galaxie-Y endowment fund will help one or more young pianists by selecting the candidate (s) and will be able to grant him a scholarship of 1500 €. This scholarship will contribute to travel expenses, registration in international competitions twentieth / twenty-first century such as:

  • The Brin d'Herbe Competition in 2021 in Orléans (France)
  • The International Young Music Piano Competition in 2020 in Friborg (Switzerland)
  • The Contemporary Piano Competition in 2021 in Shanghai (China)
  • Le concours De piano Jeno Takacs en Autriche 2020
  • Le concours international Giovani Musicisti de Trevise en Italie (mars-avril 2020)
  • Le concours sino-coréen (2020) (Télécharger documents ici)
The Galaxie-Y endowment fund also wishes to promote the rediscovery of French works and / or works of the 20th/21st century.
It can help CD recordings.
The candidates' projects will be selected under the same conditions.
Conditions to obtain a grant

  • The scholarship will be in the amount of 1500 €.
  • The candidate has to be born between 2004 and 2008 in October 2019
  • He will have prepared a video of about 20 minutes and send it to our email address. This one will include a work of György KURTAG and several works of the choice of the XXe / XXIe century. 
  • The video will be accompanied by a letter of motivation of the teacher ansi, that made by the student. 
  • The letters and the video must be sent before October 25, 2020.
  • The pianist will have to send a new video 12 months after the competition (whatever the result). This second video will be the testimony of the continuity of its commitment. It will include a new work of György KURTAG and a work of the country of the candidate (twentieth / twenty-first century)
  • This second video may eventually bring a new scholarship in order to pass a new competition, or to help fund any project promoting piano works in the twentieth / twenty-first century repertoire.
Help to professors

"How to let one of your students to travel and discover the musical world of contemporary composers. 

How to understand and love these 20th and 21st century composers thanks to organized and unexpected meetings of the junior music competitions."

The Galaxie-Y endowment fund can help the teacher to develop a program for his or her student candidate or suggest scores. A shipment of partitions will be possible.

You can find information about musician and composerer György KURTAG, thanks to the editions CONTRECHAMPS (https://books.openedition.org/contrechamps/1907). "Interviews, texts, drawings" are writings on his work with beautiful texts by Philippe ALTERA and Catherine PEILLON. We have chosen to expose the cover of the first volume of the JATEKOK (The series contains 9 volumes) in LEMOINE editions (www.henry-lemoine.com). You will find the whole work on EMB (Edition Musica Budapest) (http://www.emb.hu)

 The endowment fund can also financially help teachers to organize mini competitions (20th / 21st century) throughout teacher's letter of motivation